COVID CONSCIOUSNESS: Four Steps To Make Money Now

Uncategorized May 08, 2020
How are you utilizing this time?
How will you provide for your family?
What changes must be made to PIVOT direction?
During this quarantine, we're all faced with a new "normal" that doesn't quite feel like anything normal....what ever normal looks like to us.
Perhaps, you're starting to think about what you truly want to do. Perhaps, this time is one of great reflection and introspection. Many people are feeling the fear of whether or not they'll be able to provide for their family or for themselves.
The question is: What will we do now? Complaining about it won't fix it, that's for sure! However, taking the proper action steps to move forward will help to alleviate some of the worry.
There are FOUR steps that provide a framework around developing your idea(s) into purposeful action:
1) Decide
2) Commit
3) Plan
4) Execute
Decide: Make a list of ALL of the things that you do really well, that you can charge a fee for your service. This is your time to brain dump everything on to paper.
Commit: From that list determine ONE THING that you will take on right now. Choose something that brings you joy as you make money.
Plan: Make a list of all of the people you know that could benefit from the value you bring. If they are not able to use your service, then ask them to refer you to someone that can. Utilize free advertising services such as FB and Instagram to offer what you do. A simple post can go a long way. Also, determine your "BY WHEN" date and the price of your service.
Execute: Rinse and repeat. By stepping out on faith, when you leap the net will appear. Keep plugging away, and refining the process, until you get your first sale.
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